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New Blog - Battle of Tory Island   click here

Gweedore Blog

New Blog - Wolf Tones Gweedore connections    click here

Gweedore Blog

New Blog - Halloween an irish gift to the world   click here


New Blog - The Battle of Tory Island.   click here


New Gallery - The beauty of Gweedore.   click here


New blog. James Duffy the Gweedore man who won the Victoria Cross in WW1 .  click here


New blog. The Derryveagh Evictions .  click here


New blog. Lord George Hill, the modernising Irish Landlord who married not 1 but 2 nieces of Jane Austen.  click here


New Gallery. Gweedore in winter click here


New blog. Remembering Patrick O’Donnell: The Man who Avenged the Invincibles  click here


New blog. The life of Black Jack Adair  click here


New blog. Halloween and Irish gift to the world  click here


New blog. The Wiggan Patch Massacre   click here


The Wiggan Patch Massacre Irish Central publication   click here


The Life and Death of Black Jack Adair, the mastermind of the Derryveagh evictions   click here


New blog The Gweedore Flood of 15th August 1880    click here


New blog The Yellow Aiteann is in full bloom    click here


New blog Then there was light in Gweedore   click here


New Gallery Spring Sunsets  click here


New Tales from Gweedore  click here


New Gallery Storm Dennis  click here


New Blog Gweedore Railway Station  click here


New Blog Black Jack Adair and the Derryveagh Evictions click here


New Blog Battle of Tory Island  click here


New Video Battle of Tory Island  click here


New Video Cnoc Fola and Brinalack click here


New Blog Canon McFadden the 'fighting priest of Gweedore' Part 1 click here


New Gallery Gweedore at Sun Down  click here


New Video Old Church of Dunlewey click here


New Gallery of Gweedore click here


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